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Friday, June 21, 2019

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions navigation options

Updated PeopleSoft navigation was implemented on June 3, 2019. The update brought new navigation options, including the Navigator in the NavBar and Homepage tiles. A key difference between these two options is that the Navigator contains all the Campus Solutions pages that you have access to. The Campus Solutions tiles contain only the most commonly used pages. Our 2-minute Campus Solutions Navigation video demonstrates these new navigation options.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Navigation Video

Tips & Tricks: Finding pages and adding favorites

Need help remembering the path to a Campus Solutions page? If so, please refer to our Campus Solutions Navigation Guide (Google Sheet). 

Add pages to your favorites and make them easier to find with the following steps:
  1. Use the NavBar Navigator to go to the page you want to make a favorite.
  2. Click the Actions List icon. 
  3. Click “Add to Favorites”.
  4. Select OK.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

MyU and PeopleSoft outage June 1-2, 2019

On Saturday and Sunday, June 1-2, PeopleTools, the PeopleSoft development platform, will be updated. During the update, MyU and PeopleSoft will be unavailable for all campuses.

The following are specific impacts to note:
  • MyU (and dependent applications)
  • PeopleSoft (and dependent applications, such as ECAS/PCAS, Class Schedule)
  • APAS
  • Grad Planner
Access to Canvas (canvas.umn.edu) and University email (mail.umn.edu) will not be affected.

The update ensures that our PeopleSoft systems retain vendor support. We encourage you to mark your calendars for the update weekend, so you can plan around the service outage. Visit the IT Service Status page for the latest information on system availability.

After the update, it is recommended to clear your browser’s cookies and cache before logging into the affected systems. Job aids on the new PeopleSoft homepage and navigation options are linked in MyU > Key Links > PeopleSoft.

Twin Cities grades due date for spring 2019

The deadline to submit grades for the spring 2019 regular academic session and second half term is Monday, May 20, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. Grades that have been entered but have not been approved will post immediately after the due date for grades. Instructions on how to enter final grades are available.

Any grades left blank will receive a grade of “NR” (Not Reported). After that, the grades cannot be uploaded or imported from Moodle or Canvas. To change an NR grade to the grade earned, instructors or proxies must submit a grade change through MyU.

Remember, missing grades can negatively affect the following for students:
  • Academic standing
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarship, employment, and educational opportunities
Staff from system campuses are encouraged to check with their Office of the Registrar to confirm campus-specific dates.

Reminders about system access

Staff transferring departments
When staff transfer departments within the University, a Change of Employment Status (COES) form should be submitted to remove student system access from the former department. This is the approved policy of the Student Systems Data Custodian. If system access is required in the new department, Access Request Forms (ARFs) must be submitted based on the new job responsibilities. Please talk with your supervisor if you have questions.

Student worker access over the summer
If you have any student workers with PeopleSoft access who will be gone over the summer, it is good practice to suspend their access until they return. Complete the following steps for suspending their access:
  1. Open a COES form.
    • In the "Indicate the employee's new status" field, choose "Leave of Absence”
    • Enter the LOA start and return dates.
    • Enter personal internet ID and any relevant sponsored account in Additional Information.
  2. Click “Order Now” in the upper right corner.
  3. Create a reminder to yourself to email x-secur@umn.edu a few days before the return date to ask for their access to be reactivated.
Any training required for access does not need to be repeated if already completed.

Tips & tricks: Using multiple reserve capacities in CCS

Reserve capacities hold seats in a class for specific groups of students, such as students in a particular major or college. Sometimes, departments need to hold seats in a class for two different groups of students. To accomplish this, the CCS scheduler enters two separate Reserve Capacity Sequences. Take care to add subsequent Reserve Capacity Sequence rows in the correct place.

In the following, we see a class with two reserve capacities correctly added:

CAUTION: If a row is added incorrectly, in the Reserve Capacity Requirement Group, as shown below, the registration system will only recognize the reserve capacity group with the most recent start date and ignore the other group entirely.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Scheduling students to graduate (Spring 2019)

Twin Cities undergraduate students who have achieved 75% of their degree requirements (including completed and in-progress credits) will be scheduled to graduate by the Office of the Registrar on April 8 or 9, 2019. This means the following:
  • Students will have their Degree Checkout Status set to 'Applied' on the most recent effective dated row in Program/Plan.
  • The Expected Graduation Term (EGT) will not change from what each college/program has already entered for each of their students.
  • Each student will receive a communication informing them that they have been scheduled to graduate.
  • A comment will be written to PeopleSoft/APLUS that indicates this email was sent to the students.
To help this process go smoothly, please review student records for any missing EGT. There is a report available to you that identifies students who lack an EGT:
  • Reporting Center > Student Services > Degree Clearance > Twin Cities Undergraduate Students Missing Expected Grad Term
Students missing EGTs will not be scheduled to graduate.