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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Auto-enroll from waitlist begins

The spring 2018 (1183) waitlist auto-enroll process begins on the following dates:
  • Duluth: Sunday, November 19
  • Morris: Monday, November 20
  • Twin Cities: Tuesday, November 29
The process is run late in the evening, just before midnight.

Final grade rosters for fall 2017 classes

Most final grade rosters for fall 2017 undergraduate and graduate classes (regular session on the Twin Cities campus) will be available to instructors and proxies on Friday, December 8, 2017. Other system campuses may check with their Office of the Registrar for campus-specific information.

Editor's note 12/4/17: The original publication had an incorrect date of December 1, 2017. The date has been corrected to December 8, 2017.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Clear your browser’s cache periodically

Your browser's cache stores information to help pages load faster. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that save specific information (e.g., site specific preferences). If the data stored in the cache and cookies is old, it can prevent sites, including PeopleSoft, from loading correctly. Clearing them can help resolve these issues.

For example, if PeopleSoft is not displaying the “plus” or “minus” buttons on pages which you’d normally see those buttons, try the following: This simple process will likely correct the problem.

Enrollment Appointments for Spring 2018

Enrollment appointments for Twin Cities campus students were created on October 23, 2017 and posted for students on October 25, 2017. If students are admitted or readmitted for spring 2018 on or after October 23, you will need to set a manual enrollment appointment. Manual enrollment appointments are not necessary once open enrollment begins, Friday, December 8, 2017.

Staff on other campuses may check with their Office of the Registrar for enrollment appointment creation and posting dates for students on their campus.
Instructions for creating an enrollment appointment manually are available in the UPK, accessed by clicking on the “Help” link in PeopleSoft.

How-to guide refresh

Quick start guides for Faculty Center (including class rosters, grade entry, and others), Advisor Center, and Student Center are in the process of being refreshed as How-to guides. The new guides, which are being posted once each is completed, have an updated look and feel to mirror the new MyU refresh.

Please share these How-to guides with your faculty, instructors, and staff.

PCAS Updates

On September 24, several enhancements went into the Program & Curriculum Approval System (PCAS). PCAS users will notice the following changes:
  • When selecting the "Update Type," the order of the radio buttons are now reversed. The most commonly used selection, "Create a proposal affecting only future students," is now first and is set as the default selection.
  • When sub-groups and sub-lists are added to a proposal, "Display this subgroup/sublist name in the catalog" is now checked by default. Editors will need to uncheck the box if they do not want the name display in the catalog.
  • When the "Delete Proposal" button is clicked, new wording on the confirmation page provides more clarity.
  • Within Program Requirements/Step 4, the "Other requirements, if applicable" textbox character limit is increased to 4,000 characters.

Oct. 28-29 - Some MyU services unavailable overnight

Due to a planned software update, some MyU features will be unavailable Oct. 28-29, 6 p.m.-noon. During that time, users will not be able to access the My Time, My Pay, My Info, My Benefits, and Manager Info tabs.