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Friday, February 16, 2018

Reminder: Submitting ARFs on behalf of others

When an Access Request Form (ARF) is submitted by one person on behalf of another (e.g. a supervisor submits an ARF for a new employee), the ARF is routed for first approval to the person who needs the access. That person will receive an email prompting their approval. This includes access requests for student workers. Please ask the staff member to watch for these emails, because they will need to approve the request for access before it moves forward.

Twin Cities Summer 2018 registration begins earlier this year

Registration begins March 1, 2018* on the Twin Cities campus for students admitted to a degree or certificate program. Open enrollment begins March 8, 2018*. This is a month and a half earlier than previous years.

CCS schedulers should cancel any class sections that will not be taking place and update any class sections that require changes. Classrooms have already been assigned, and the Office of Classroom Management will continue to monitor new sections added.

Mid-term grade rosters available

Mid-term grade rosters are currently available in Faculty Center for spring 2018 regular session classes.

Twin Cities, Crookston, Morris, and Rochester instructors of 1xxx-level courses are required by the Providing In-progress Notifications on Academic Performance policy to provide mid-term notifications to students who, based on performance in the course thus far, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N. This notice must be provided to students in time to allow them to improve their academic performance or to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline.

Instructors who have questions may be referred to the How to enter mid-term grades guide, the In-Progress Notifications FAQ, or may email the ASR Training & Support team at srhelp@umn.edu.

Duplicate ID tool and process enhancements

Part of the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade, the Duplicate ID tool had enhancements added on January 28, 2018 that allow functional users to more easily manage cases, track case history, and provide transparency to University staff about duplicate ID case resolutions. For example, Person Comments on related records will now be added automatically when a case is complete. Additional work is still under development to further create efficiencies. Email communications that notify students and staff once a case is opened and when it is resolved are planned to roll out in March.

Preferred name - class permission numbers and waitlist management

A student’s preferred name (instead of legal/primary name) is now being used for class permission numbers and waitlist management. Students and staff may indicate a preferred name through the My Info tab of MyU. Indicating a preferred name is optional. This functionality was implemented as part of the University’s PeopleSoft 9.2 upgrade.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Registration training available online

We are excited to announce that SR310T Registration training for staff who register students is now available online! Employees can complete the new online registration course when it is convenient for their schedule instead of attending an in-person training class.

The SR310T Registration course can be accessed from the ASR training website, under Student Records Training. The course can also be accessed by searching for it in ULearn. The Access Request form and process remains the same as before.

Auto-enroll from waitlist reminders

Auto-enroll from waitlist stops running for each term/session on a date specified per campus. For the spring 2018 regular session, the last waitlist run for the Twin Cities campus was late evening, January 16, 2018. Staff from system campuses are encouraged to check with their Office of the Registrar to confirm campus-specific dates.

Following the last run, those classes which still have waitlists will typically have an Enrollment Status of “Closed”. A common question is, how do you fill any seats that may subsequently open due to enrolled students dropping the class? You have two options to consider, and each department can decide which option is best for their situation:

Option 1

Give students a permission number to override a closed class using the Closed Class checkbox on the Class Permissions page. This option allows you to give permission to waitlisted students, when appropriate. To assist in determining which students to provide permission, the waitlist will be available for your reference until the end of drop/add period.

Option 2

On the Enrollment Control tab, uncheck the Auto Enroll from Wait List checkbox, which changes the Enrollment Status to “Open” and allows any student to register for the remaining seat(s) up until instructor approval is required.