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Thursday, March 16, 2017

MyU and PeopleSoft outage

On Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2, an upgrade to the PeopleSoft development platform, PeopleTools, will occur. While the upgrade work is underway, MyU and PeopleSoft applications will be unavailable. 

Specific impacts to note:
  • PeopleSoft (and dependent applications)
  • APAS
  • Grad Planner
  • MyU (and dependent applications)
Aside from downtime during the weekend, no significant impact for end users is expected. No action is required as a result of this upgrade. Access to Moodle courses and University email will not be affected.

The upgrade ensures that our PeopleSoft systems remain stable and secure, and we retain vendor support. We encourage you to mark your calendars for the upgrade weekend so that you can plan around the service outage accordingly. During the weekend of April 1-2, updates will be available on the University’s Service Status page.

Registration times available

Depending on your campus, registration for summer 2017 and fall 2017 is underway or beginning soon. Students can find their specific registration time by logging into MyU and selecting the Academics tab, then the Registration sub-tab. Twin Cities students will see their registration times there starting March 24. The registration appointment time table is also available on the One Stop website.

Update classes before registration begins

Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) users should make sure classes offered for summer 2017 and fall 2017 have correct dates/times, grade basis, and credit values entered prior to registration beginning.

On the Twin Cities’ campus, registration for summer begins April 11. CCS is currently open for summer 2017 and available for schedulers to make updates. Registration for fall begins April 13. CCS will reopen for emergent changes on April 1. Other system campus staff may check with their Registrar’s office for details.

What we do and when to contact ASR Training & Support

The ASR Training and Support team supports staff and faculty, specifically users of student record systems at the University of Minnesota. Our team conducts training for University staff (both online and in person), creates UPK topics and other documentation for users, and provides support to the users of the systems on which we provide training. We are here to support staff and faculty who use:
  • PeopleSoft Campus Solutions
  • Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS)
  • Grades and Faculty Center
  • Class Permissions (numbers)
  • Student Program/Plan 
  • Enrollment processing
  • Service Indicators
  • Student Advisor
  • Student Groups 
  • Program & Curriculum Approval System (PCAS)
  • Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS)
  • Astra Schedule
  • Reporting Center (Student Services)
We are also happy to help direct you if you’re not sure who in ASR a question should go to.

Our team is composed of four staff members: Renae Faunce, Sally Gutierrez, Heather Micek, and Jennifer Selander. Contact us at 612-625-2803 or srhelp@umn.edu whenever you have questions about the training we offer or the systems and processes we support.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updates regarding ARFs

The Provisioning and Access Request (PAR) group continues to work on new ServiceNow catalog request items to make the process of submitting Access Request Forms (ARFs) easier. The request items replace the need to attach a PDF to an ARF. Visit OIT’s Enterprise Access Requests self-help page to view the forms that are currently supported.

Recent forms to note are CS Student Systems and Data (CS PeopleSoft), which is used to request access following the completion of student data inquiry training, student data update training, etc., and Change of Employment (COES). COES is used to report when one of your employees has a change, such as termination of employment, which affects their access.

Delete unwanted ECAS proposals

ECAS currently has over 700 unsubmitted course proposals at the departmental level. This number suggests that editors may have created some proposals inadvertently, due to ECAS auto-save functionality, without having the intention to complete and submit them. (As a reminder, once an editor clicks Submit/Continue on the ECAS Course Set Up page, a proposal row is immediately created.)

To all ECAS editors, please review your department’s current list of ECAS proposals and delete any proposals that are not needed. You can find your list of proposals by clicking on the departmental link, under the approvals section in ECAS.

Changes to UM Manage Wait List Position

Effective January 29, 2017, the following improvements were made to the UM Manage Wait List Position page:
  • Search results only display classes with students on the wait list.
  • Search results display a Wait List Total number column.

  • The UM Manage Wait List Positions page displays the enrollment capacity and enrollment total in the Class Info area.