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Thursday, June 15, 2017

ECAS updates went into place 5/21

Several fixes went into ECAS on 5/21/2017 to enable the system to run smoother:

  • The autosave feature is redesigned and runs at a faster speed. Users may notice a small change in how errors appear and may see error messages displayed twice because of an extra level of validation now in place.
  • Error messages include more detail so that users better understand what is wrong, along with codes which will help analysts diagnose problems faster.
  • Liberal Education (LE) requirements and Community Engaged Learning attributes that were not displaying correctly have been restored.

Change to cancelled notation on transcript

Student transcripts no longer display the "Cancelled" text for terms fall 1999 and after. Previously, this text displayed for students that dropped all classes prior to the term start date.

Reminder on removing access for individuals who leave employment

Supervisors or key contacts are expected to submit the Change of Employment Status form to OIT Provisioning and Requests (PAR) whenever an employee in their unit experiences a change in employment status that would affect their access. This includes:

  • Termination of employment
  • Retirement
  • Death
  • Transferring to a new department
  • Changes in job duties making certain access unnecessary
  • Leave of Absence

The Change of Employment Status form is available on the OIT Data Provisioning web page.

Effective Dates in Student Program/Plan: always use the first day of the term

When adding a Plan Change (PLNC) row or Data Change (DATA) row in Student Program/Plan, always use the first day of the term.

Why does it matter?

  • Your effective date tells PeopleSoft which term to make your change.  
  • Registration, financial aid, and the National Student Clearinghouse rely on accurate dates.
  • It helps other people read the page more readily.

Tip: you can find the first day of the term dates by using the look-up button next to the Admit Term field. (Just click the “x” to close the box when you are finished looking.)


Remember, always use the first day of the term!

6 things class schedulers should know about instructor assignment in CCS

  1.  Approve access is required to enter and submit grades.
  2. Grade access allows you to enter grades, but not submit them.
  3. Multiple component classes need an instructor assigned to each component. 
  4. Your primary instructor on a non-graded Lecture section cannot enter grades unless they are also the instructor for the Lab and/or Discussion sections.
  5. The Print checkbox determines if an instructor (or proxy) is listed on the Class Search.
  6. The Classes Missing Instructor Information query will find classes with enrollment but without instructors. This is located in the Reporting Center.