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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reminder: ECAS UPK topics now available

Several ECAS User Productivity Kit (UPK) topics are available for your use and more are under construction and will be available soon. These topics are available from the PeopleSoft Help link, as well as from our training website. They include:

  • Introduction to ECAS
  • Basic update steps in ECAS
  • Updating a current course in ECAS
  • ECAS Approval Process

Dates for registration batch processes posted for summer & fall 2016

A listing of the run-dates for batch jobs that affect registration (term activation, permission numbers, enrollment appointments) has been updated to include summer and fall 2016. These dates are as of February 9.

You may also reach this page by going to the ASR Training and Support Team website and clicking on the "Batch Process Dates" link under Related Resources.

Mid-term grade rosters available

Mid-term grade rosters are currently available in Faculty Center for spring 2016.

Instructors of 1xxx-level courses are required by the Providing In-progress Notifications on Academic Performance policy to provide mid-term notifications to students who, based on performance in the course thus far, appear to be in danger of receiving a grade of D, F, or N.  This notice must be provided to students in time to allow them to either improve their academic performance, or to withdraw by the withdrawal deadline.

Instructors who have questions may be referred to the Mid-Term Grade Entry guide, the In-Progress Notifications FAQ, or may email the ASR Training & Support team at srhelp@umn.edu.

Upcoming SR Help workshops

Want to plan ahead for attending future SR Help Workshops? Here’s what we’re working on for the upcoming months:

  • March 16 – Class Permissions
  • April 20 – Wait Lists
  • May 11 – Entering Grades: Tips, Tricks, and Reminders

All workshops are planned for 11 a.m.-12 noon in Fraser Hall B20. More details on each to come!

Reporting Center training

A new online training is now required for users requesting access to private student data in the MyU Reporting Center. The training is brief (less than 10 minutes total) and highlights FERPA requirements, as well as provides helpful information on how to use the different report types in the Reporting Center.

Staff who have requested Student Data Inquiry access are not required to take this training, as access to private student data is provided automatically. However, it may be helpful to view this training for more insight into the Reporting Center. For more information and to register for this training, visit z.umn.edu/reportingcentertraining.

Academic Standing process update

Nearly all (approximately 98%) undergraduate students, including inactive students, have an Academic Standing status on their record as of January 29. This is a change from when Academic Standing was initially implemented, at which time only active students had Academic Standing placed on their record.

What does this mean going forward? If and when a student returns to the University, the Academic Standing process will run automatically for that student at the end of the term of their return. There is no longer the need for staff to evaluate and manually update a returning student's Academic Standing status.

The remaining approximate 2% of student records without an Academic Standing status will be evaluated and updated soon.