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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Once Auto Enroll from Wait list stops running

Auto enroll from wait list ends running for each term/session on a date specified per campus. For example, Twin Cities has auto-enroll from wait list run for the last time on the evening of the first day of the session. Following the last run, those classes which still have wait lists will typically have an Enrollment Status of “Closed”. A common question is, how do you fill any seats that may subsequently open due to enrolled students dropping the class? You have two options to consider.

Option 1:

Give students a permission number to override a closed class using the Closed Class checkbox on the Class Permissions page. This options allows you to give permission to waitlisted students, when appropriate. To assist in determining which students to provide permission, the wait list will be available for your reference until the end of drop/add period. 

Option 2:

On the Enrollment Control tab uncheck the Auto Enroll from Wait List checkbox, which changes the Enrollment Status to “Open” and allows any student to register for the remaining seat(s).

Each department can decide which option is best for their situation. Please let us know if you have questions about this process.

Setting up online classes in CCS - New UPK topic!

Class schedulers, make sure that your online classes are searchable as such in the online class search. Check out our new UPK topic, Online Sections.

Find this UPK topic from within PeopleSoft by clicking on the “Help” link and navigating to:
PeopleSoft SA 9.0 Student Records > Collaborative Class Scheduling > Online Sections.

Filtering the Official Degrees Granted report - New UPK topic!

The Official Degrees Granted report is commonly used report, but it can return an overwhelming amount of information. If you want to find only the graduates from a certain major, try using filters in Excel to narrow down your report results. We’ve created a new UPK topic, Filtering Reports in Excel, showing you how. The same technique can be applied to any report in Excel.

Upcoming SR Help workshop - Advanced Topics in CCS

June’s SR Help workshop is aimed at departmental class schedulers and will focus on Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) advanced topics, such as working with combined sections. CCS schedulers will be emailed an invitation with all the details in the near future.

When: Wednesday June 15, 11 a.m. - 12 noon
Where: Location TBA

SR Help workshops will take the month of July off, and will resume in August.