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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Changes to two popular reports - Academic Record and Class Section Status

Users attending recent Upgrade User Review sessions have commonly been interested in learning about the changes to two popular reports, the Academic Record report and the Class Section Status web report. Here’s the lowdown:

  • The Academics Record report is being retired. Instead, users will be directed to the Student Services Center, where much of the same information can be viewed. Or, for a printer-friendly record of classes and grades, users may view and print an unofficial transcript from the Request Transcript Report page in PeopleSoft 9.0.
  • The Class Section Status web report is also changing. Currently staff and students access this report from the One Stop website. After the Upgrade, this report will be named Course Enrollment Status and staff will access it from the Reporting Center. Students will also be able to access the report via MyU and the Student Center.

Job Aids for the Upgrade

The training team has published User Productivity Kits (UPK) on several topics for the Upgrade. These UPKs provide a tour of University of Minnesota PeopleSoft processes and can be accessed from the Help button in PeopleSoft, or at asr.umn.edu/upgradetraining. If you would like a printable job aid, use the “Print It” mode of a UPK. See https://asr.umn.edu/upkhowto for more information.

More Upgrade quick start guides available

New quick start guides to help staff with changes coming with the Upgrade are being developed and posted to our Upgrade training page.  Recently posted or coming very soon are guides to:

  • MyU and PeopleSoft Login 
  • Advisor Center 
  • Student Service Center

All new SDI and SDU trainings coming soon

The ASR Training and Support Team is revising Student Data Inquiry (SDI) and Student Data Update (SDU) training for new staff (and those staff who need new access) in preparation for PeopleSoft 9.0. SDI and SDU will still be online courses accessed through ULearn and will launch the week of April 13, to coincide with the cutover to PeopleSoft 9.0.

SDI training (SR110T Student Data Inquiry) will contain a series of short video tutorials and associated review questions. It will continue to provide new users with view-only access to PeopleSoft student records, just as it does now. SDI will also continue to be a prerequisite for SDU, Registration, Program/Plan and Collaborative Class Scheduling trainings.

SDU will have some more noticeable changes by offering additional online training options and training that is better tailored to the users’ needs. SDU - Basic (SR210T Student Data Update - Basic) will teach new users the fundamentals of updating student data in PeopleSoft.  It will also provide instruction and enable users to gain update access to the following pages: Term Activation, Manage Service Indicators, Student Groups, and Student Advisor. After completing SDU - Basic, users may complete additional SDU “add-on” trainings, all online, to learn and gain update access to additional PeopleSoft pages. The “add-on” trainings include:

  • SR231T Academic Standing
  • SR232T Class Permissions
  • SR233T Credit Exemptions
  • SR234T Degree Clearance
  • SR235T Enrollment Appointments
  • SR236T Manage Committees.
  • SR237T Milestones
  • SR238T Waitlists

SDU - Basic training will remain a prerequisite for Registration and Program/Plan training. The Access Request Form is being revised to reflect our updated training offerings. SDI and SDU training is for new staff or staff who need new access within the student records pages. Staff with existing SDI and SDU access do not need to re-take these trainings.

Voice messages to the helpline now open ServiceNow tickets

To provide better service to our users, voice messages left on the Student Records Help Desk support line (621-625-2803) now trigger ServiceNow tickets to open for the Training and Support Team, just as emails sent to srhelp@umn.edu have been doing for the last few years. Staff are reminded that they need only leave a voice message or send an email, as doing both would open duplicate ServiceNow tickets.

Last Chance for Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) Upgrade training

In early April the ASR Student Records Training & Support team is offering last-chance opportunities for current ECS schedulers and their backups to take the required Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS) Upgrade training. For those who haven't completed the CCS training, you can register for an upcoming session through ASR's Upgrade Training page. Sessions are filling up, so register soon!