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Thursday, May 21, 2015

CCS schedulers have a view-only access during closed period

Good news for CCS schedulers! During the CCS closed period, when general purpose classrooms are assigned, schedulers can still view their schedule of classes by going to Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes. Additionally, schedulers may make adjustments to assigned instructors during the CCS closed period using the UM Class Instructor Setup page: Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > UM Class Instructor Setup.

Student Groups page plus & minus buttons

Staff who add and update the Student Groups page may notice that sometimes they see two sets of plus and minus buttons and sometimes they only see one set. The reason being, while staff can view all of of the student groups on a student’s record, they only have access to update the student groups appropriate for their college or department. The lower set of plus and minus buttons will appear only for those student groups that the staff person has access to update.

UM Manage Waitlist page not displaying some students

Some students on class waitlists are erroneously not displayed on the UM Manage Waitlst page if the student has a future dated row on the Student Program/Plan page. Rest assured that these students are still on the waitlist and will be auto-enrolled if space in the class becomes available for them. A fix to this display error is scheduled for implementation on June 19. In the meantime, staff can verify if a student is on a class waitlist and the student’s position number by going to Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Enrollment.

Collaborative Class Scheduling UPK topics published

Twelve UPK topics for CCS schedulers have been published. Topics include an overview of each CCS tab, basic steps to scheduling, making common updates, working with combined sections, and managing waitlists. These UPK topics can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Help’ link in PeopleSoft or on the self-study training materials web page, by clicking on Collaborative Class Scheduling.

Waitlist checkbox: when to use it*

Staff who assist students with registration issues should be aware of the waitlist functionality that students encounter when adding classes in Student Center. For each class students attempt to add, they will see a checkbox option labeled “Waitlist if class is full.” Students should be advised to check this box only when the class is already full and they wish to join the waitlist.

If a class is not yet full and a student checks the “Waitlist if class is full” box, the student is placed on the waitlist even though seats are still available. Subsequent students attempting to register for the same class will also be made to join the waitlist. Students will be moved off of the waitlist and into available seats when auto-enroll runs. But, to avoid the unnecessary creation of a list of waiting students, please advise that the “Waitlist if class is full” box should only be used when the class is known to be full and a waitlist option exists.

If a class does not include the option to waitlist, and a student checks the “Waitlist of class is full” box, the student will receive a message stating that the class is full.

*This issue has been resolved.