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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UM Waitlist Email History page

The PeopleSoft UM Waitlist Email History page (Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Waitlist > UM Waitlist Email History) keeps record of the email messages generated to students as part of the auto-enroll process. Messages include notification of enrollment in a class for which the student had been waiting or notification enrollment was attempted but not successful due to a time conflict or maximum credit limit.

Class schedulers and waitlist managers may visit the UM Waitlist Email History page to view the system-generated emails. On this page, the system creates a row for each email sent to the student for the selected term. It is important to note that the first row displays the earliest email sent. More recent emails appear chronologically on higher numbered rows.

Waitlist checkbox update and workaround information*

May’s Training Update discussed the use and functionality of the Waitlist checkbox, which students encounter as part of the registration process. Additional detail on the issue and a workaround that departments can implement if a waitlist has been started but open seats are available for a class has been posted to The Ledger, a blog by Academic Support Resources.

*This issue has been resolved.

Class Search spring 2016

Summer orientation season is now in full swing! To facilitate the registration for our newest undergrads, Class Search is modified for spring 2016 to display only undergraduate classes that are open for freshmen full year registration (FRFY).

If your classes do not have the class attribute FRFY, they will not show up in the Class Search until summer orientation is completed and fall term begins, September 8, 2015. However, you can still find them in the Class Schedule Summary Report in the Reporting Center, or in Course Enrollment Status in Student Center.

You may notice classes without the attribute FRFY have Stop Further Enrollment status on the Enrollment Control page. An ASR nightly process puts Stop Further Enrollment status on all non-FRFY classes. Once fall term begins, ASR will return these classes back to Active status, and they will again be listed on the Class Search.