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Thursday, August 21, 2014

SR preview sessions

The Training Team is offering Student Records Training Preview sessions across campus in October. In these sessions, we will demonstrate some new functionality such as the Advisor and Faculty Center, and discuss training requirements and resources. Stay tuned for more information on the specific dates and times.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

College contacts for 2nd major updates list

A list of collegiate staff who should be contacted to update a student's 2nd major that is outside the student's college of enrollment can be found on the Training Team's website. Key Contacts, please take a moment to review the list to ensure your college's contact information is current. Email srhelp@umn.edu with any updates to this list.

Program/Plan Update Cheat Sheet

The PeopleSoft Program/Plan page is, in some regards, the "heart" of a student's PeopleSoft record. This is because the data contained there affects many aspects of students' academic lives, from the ability to register to financial aid eligibility. Thus, it is critical to enter data on the Program/Plan page correctly. The Program/Plan Update Cheat Sheet provides a quick 'what-to-do' reference when updating the Program, Plan, and Sub-Plan tabs to help ensure you get it right. This job aid, along with all of our training manuals and quick step guides, can be found on the Training Team's manuals webpage.

What is the Plan Sequence number?

Do you add or change majors and minors, otherwise known as academic plans, in the Program/Plan pages? The "Plan Sequence" number, found on the academic plan page of the program plan component, plays an important role in the student record.

This number begins with a plan sequence of 1 and increments by tens (e.g., 1 to 11, to 21) each time a plan change row is added. This numbering convention allows you to change the order of the academic plans if needed. The lowest plan sequence number is identified by Student Financial Aid as the "primary" academic plan and the one that is looked at when awarding Financial Aid. This number also determines the print order of the academic plans with the primary plan/lowest number appearing first on the transcript.

What does this mean for you? When making a plan change or adding an additional major or minor, always make sure that the primary plan is degree seeking so students will receive their financial aid.