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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Change of Employment Status form

If an employee has a change of employment status, such as retirement, termination, or department transfer, the Change of Employment Status Form should be completed to provide notification to IT Provisioning and Requests. This ensures that Enterprise system access is adjusted appropriately and removes individuals from email lists pertaining to systems they no longer use.

Class prerequisites reminder

Please keep in mind that when updating class prerequisites in ECAS, the prerequisite information should be included as part of the Class Description field as well. This ensures that when students use Class Search, the prerequisites are easily viewable and understandable in the Description field. While there is a separate field for enforced prerequisites in ECAS, this information is usually in abbreviated form and not always “student-speak.” Including the prerequisite information in the Class Description in clear language will aid students in understanding registration requirements.

Graduate program PCAS lab sessions

Graduate program requirements must be updated in PCAS for fall 2016 to support the 2016-2018 University Graduate Education Catalog, as well as the implementation of the Graduate Planning and Audit System (GPAS). To assist with this effort, we are offering PCAS lab sessions to graduate-level PCAS editors.  These sessions afford PCAS editors the opportunity to bring their work into a computer lab setting where PCAS trainers and GPAS staff are available to provide in-person support. Registration is required for these sessions and space is limited. Graduate program PCAS editors may click here to view and register for a session.

Classes will open if no waitlisted students can be auto-enrolled

Classes with students on a waitlist will automatically reopen for registration if available seats remain open after auto-enroll runs. This occurs when waitlisted students were not eligible to fill the seats due to time conflicts or exceeding the maximum credit load, and they did not have a “future swap” set up. In such cases, students not on the waitlist can then register for the open seats. Those on the waitlist are no longer given priority in this situation.

Students should setup a “future swap” if they are enrolled in a course but would prefer to be enrolled in a different course (if space becomes available). Then, if a seat opens for the student in the waitlisted course, he/she would be automatically enrolled for the waitlisted course and dropped from the original course.

Grades entry for fall term

Grades for fall 2015 full semester classes are due December 30. Updated quick start guides on how to enter grades, how to import grades from Moodle, and how to change a grade are available on our Quick Start Guides page. Note, one important change this term is that instructors and proxies will need to select “final grade” roster from the drop down menu.