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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why don't I see a student in Program Plan?

Have you ever tried to display the record of a student in the Program Plan page only to be greeted with the message of "No matching values were found"? After checking the obvious such as spelling, ID number, and that search criteria from a previous search has been removed, you may want to check a couple of other things that could be causing you this problem.

Has the student been matriculated? Remember, it is not enough for an incoming student to be in an admitted status; the student must be matriculated to appear in Program Plan. To see if the student has been matriculated, check the Application Summary page. This page displays the last row entered for the admission and it should be "Matriculation" for the student to be visible in Program Plan.

If the student has been matriculated, it could be a security access issue. Access is generally assigned to users based on their home campus and career, so if you work across two or more careers, such as graduate and undergraduate, your access may need to be adjusted to see all you need. If you suspect this is the case, contact Student Records Help at srhelp@umn.edu or 5-2803.

Updated PCAS Manual Online

PCAS editors may find it helpful to have the PCAS manual at their fingertips next time they are submitting a program proposal or update. The manual provides information on system navigation, step-by-step instructions, and helpful hints to make the process go smoothly. This manual was recently updated to include additional graduate program-specific information.

The PCAS manual, along with all of our training manuals and quick step guides, can be found on the training team's manuals webpage.

Sneak Peek: The new waitlist process

The Student work stream has released its latest sneak peek. This video explains the "auto enroll" feature of the new waitlist process resulting from PeopleSoft upgrade through ESUP. Auto enroll will allow the system to automatically select and enroll students at the top of a waitlist on a space-available basis. Watch to learn more.

For more information about the new waitlist process, see What's Changing for waitlist.

Position available: System trainer

This is a one-year temporary position to develop, deliver and improve training on PeopleSoft student records, Astra Schedule, and various applications for the University community. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Work in partnership with Academic Support Resources (ASR) units and business analysts to ensure functions meet business needs, and stay current with modifications and patches.

  • Serve as the helpdesk expert on PeopleSoft student records, Astra Schedule, and ASR developed applications and processes.

  • Provide second tier PeopleSoft student records technical support for staff working in ASR, other Student Administration units, including system campus staff.

  • Work with student records Key Contacts to identify needs of end users.

If you know of anyone who may be interested, please urge them to apply via the University employment website. More information can be found here.

Annual SA Key Contact Update

Over the last two weeks, the Student Administration/SA Key Contacts were asked to review and update their college and departmental listings - and we've had a 75% response rate! Up-to-date information is vital, as the SA Key Contact listings are used as the focal point for distributing training news and material to our college and departmental users and for verifying Access Request Forms (ARF's). SA Key Contacts will also play a key role in the upcoming 9.0 upgrade, so ensuring this information is current will aid that process.

The SR Training and Support Team is grateful for your great participation in this update!