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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Ensure grade rosters are available for instructors on time

Final grade rosters are automatically created for classes based on the End Date entered on the Meeting Patterns tab in Collaborative Class Scheduling (CCS). The End Date defaults to be the last day of the term session in which the class is scheduled, but can be adjusted if appropriate.

If your department offers classes that do not run the full length of the term session, it’s important the CCS scheduler adjust the End Date on the Meeting Patterns tab to be the actual last day of the class. By doing so, the grade roster is created on time, about a week prior to the last day of class. Once created, the grade roster is immediately available to the instructor and/or proxies in the Faculty Center for completion and submission.

New UPK Topics for ECAS

We now have a variety of Electronic Course Authorization System (ECAS) self-help topics published to our Quick Start Guides page and ready for you to “See it!, Try it! or Print it!” These topics will prove useful as you navigate ECAS, make changes to courses, and submit course proposals. More topics will be published soon.

These are the newest ECAS topics:

Please note, the ECAS Manual is still available for reference on the ECAS home page, but is no longer being revised, as it is being replaced with the UPK topics.

Enter departmental classroom assignments for spring 2017

Class schedulers who place class sections into departmentally owned space should have departmental rooms assigned to spring 2017 classes in Astra Schedule no later than April 25. Beginning April 26, CCS closes for the Office of Classroom Management to begin the scheduling of General Purpose Classrooms for any spring 2017 classes that have not been given a departmental classroom.

Registration and auto-enroll from wait list for fall 2016

Registration for fall 2016 begins April 14. The registration appointment time table is available on the One Stop website. Students can find their specific appointment time by logging into MyU and selecting the Academics tab, then select the Registration sub-tab.

On the Twin Cities and Rochester campuses, auto-enroll from wait list begins running for all summer 2016 sessions shortly after midnight  April 26, and ends the first day of the session in which the class is scheduled. For fall 2016 classes, auto-enroll will begin running on these campuses shortly after midnight April 27* and end running on the first day of fall semester. Other system campus staff may check with their Registrar’s office for details.