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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Printable UPK Guide

Have you tried using the UPK for help with a PeopleSoft page or business process? A printable UPK guide is available as a quick reference to help you get started with this valuable new tool. It includes a list of many of the available UPK topics and make great cubicle wall decor!

Sign out when you’re done!

When you’re ready to end a session working in PeopleSoft, it is very important to click the Sign Out link in the upper right corner of the window, rather than just close your browser window or tab. Using the Sign Out link to end your session ensures that next time you log into PeopleSoft the database will function in the manner expected.

Faculty Center quick start guides

New quick start guides to help those with instructor responsibilities (faculty, instructors, TAs and their proxies) to complete tasks in the new Faculty Center are being developed and posted to our Upgrade training page.  Recently posted or coming very soon are guides to:

  • Accessing Class Rosters
  • Adding a URL to a Class Note
  • Providing Permission Numbers
  • Managing a Waitlist
  • Entering Grades in Faculty Center
  • Transferring Grades from Moodle to Faculty Center
  • Changing a Grade

Updated Student Records training courses are available

Updated for PeopleSoft 9.0, revised versions of Student Data Inquiry (SDI) and Student Data Update (SDU) training for new staff (and those staff who need new access) are live in ULearn.

SDI continues to be delivered online, providing new users with view-only access to PeopleSoft student records. SDI is a prerequisite for SDU, Registration, Program/Plan and Collaborative Class Scheduling trainings.

SDU now offers additional online training options and training that is better tailored to the users’ needs. SDU - Basic (SR210T Student Data Update - Basic) teaches new users the fundamentals of updating student data in PeopleSoft.  It also provides instruction and enables users to gain update access to the following pages: Term Activation, Manage Service Indicators, Student Groups, and Student Advisor. After completing SDU - Basic, users may complete additional SDU “add-on” trainings, all online, to learn and gain update access to additional PeopleSoft pages. The “add-on” trainings include:

  • SR231T Academic Standing
  • SR232T Class Permissions
  • SR233T Credit Exemptions
  • SR234T Degree Clearance
  • SR235T Enrollment Appointments
  • SR236T Manage Committees.
  • SR237T Milestones
  • SR238T Waitlists

SDU - Basic training remains a prerequisite for Registration and Program/Plan training.

SDI and SDU training is for new staff or staff who need new access within the student records pages. Staff with existing SDI and SDU access do not need to re-take these trainings.