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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Waitlist gotcha

Occasionally, students who are enrolled in one section of a lab or discussion place themselves on the waitlist for a different, preferred lab or discussion, which auto-enrolls into the same lecture section they are already registered for.

Due to system limitations, students who waitlist for an additional section which shares a component can never be auto-enrolled off of the waitlist. This is confusing for the students, because they wonder why they are not moved from the waitlist into the class, even if they are at the top of the list.

To proactively assist students that may be affected by this, schedulers may use the UM Manage Waitlist page’s “Other Sections” tab and the “Also Enrolled in Other Sections” column to identify students already registered for another section of the lab or discussion and advise them accordingly.

Auto-enroll from waitlist reminders

Fall 2017 auto enroll from waitlist begins April 26, 2017 for the Twin Cities campus. Staff or instructors who wish to reorder students’ positions on a waitlist should do so prior to this date.

For a class to be picked up by the auto-enroll process, a Wait List Capacity must be entered and the Auto Enroll from Wait List box (on UM CCS Maintain Schedule of Classes, basic data tab) must be checked for all sections of the class, including the non-enrollment sections. (See screenshot.) If this box is not checked, students on the waitlist will not be auto-enrolled, even if seats open up in the class.

ECAS technical issues

ASR is working closely with OIT to identify and resolve ECAS issues. Currently, we have identified specific issues with the View page.

There have also been reported problems related to starting, saving, submitting, and approving proposals, but these occur intermittently and do not impact all users. Further analysis is underway to identify and resolve the issues. Many of the issues seem to be occurring in the afternoon.

Course proposals are generally moving through ECAS, but some may experience delays. Please contact ASR Training & Support at srhelp@umn.edu if you have any questions or concerns.

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions upgrade underway

The effort to upgrade PeopleSoft Campus Solutions from version 9.0 to 9.2 started the first week in April. This project is on a much smaller scale than "The Upgrade"/ESUP that was completed in 2015. The upgrade to 9.2 will go through June 2018 and will be completed in two phases.

The first phase, the technical upgrade, is an upgrade of the technical platform from version 9.0 to 9.2. This is being done to maintain vendor support for security and regulations as well as to allow for the adoption of future vendor-released functionality. This will be completed September 24, 2017. Students, faculty, and staff will notice little to no changes as a result of this technical upgrade.

The second phase, the functional upgrade, will be dedicated to implementing process improvements and utilizing available delivered tools over several months. During this phase, functionality will be released on a monthly basis rather than one, final launch date. The project will conclude in June 2018.

Training and communication plans on the functional upgrade will be dependent on what functionality is selected to be implemented. This will be determined in the next month or so. You can learn more about the upgrade on the project website.

Get instant help using the UPK

Have you tried the Help link in PeopleSoft to access the User Productivity Kit (UPK)? The UPK is a help feature which allows you to see, try, and print instructions for U of M-specific business processes at your workstation by clicking the “Help” link in PeopleSoft. In a survey, 96% of our users who tried the UPK reported finding it very helpful. Check out our UPK guide to get started.