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Thursday, September 15, 2016

New ASR website launched September 12

A redesigned Academic Support Resources (ASR) website launched Monday, September 12. The new ASR website hosts information on training, support resources, ASR departmental contacts, and links to applications managed by ASR. Watch a short video introducing the new site.

The url for the site remains the same (asr.umn.edu), but internal links have changed. This means you may need to update any bookmarked pages you have from the old ASR site. Redirects have been set up for the most commonly accessed pages.

You can find our complete list of trainings under Training and support > Register for training. Our quick start guides and other support materials can be found under Training and support > System support resources.

Entering Leave of Absence on Student Program/Plan

If a Leave of Absence (LEAV) row is added to the Student Program/Plan page before the student’s registration is dropped for the term, the system will provide a warning message when the user attempts to save, but it will not stop the user from saving the change.

It is best practice for staff who process student leave of absence requests to ensure that any registration for the term of leave is dropped before adding the LEAV row. If registration existed for the term, the LEAV row must then be added with an effective date of the second day of the term (for fall 2016, this is 9/7/2016 on the Twin Cities campus).

Beware, should any day prior to the second day of the term be used for the LEAV row and the student has not yet dropped their classes, the student will be unable to do so. If you make an error and haven’t used the correct effective date, please email srhelp@umn.edu and we can correct it for you.

Using RLOAs on Student Program/Plan

At the same time you put a leave of absence (LEAV) on the Program/Plan page, please take a moment to also add a return from leave (RLOA) for the first day of term for which the student indicates that he/she will resume his or her studies.

With the RLOA row in place, the student will be appear active for that future term in PeopleSoft allowing the following automatic updates:
  • Term activation
  • Enrollment appointment assignment
Your RLOA processing will help ensure that your student can resume their studies without needing to contact your office for assistance.

Entering Plan and Subplan changes

When making Plan or Subplan changes on Student Program/Plan which are effective for fall 2016, the Effective Date of the Plan Change (PLNC) or Data Change (DATA) row must be backdated to the first day of the term. If any date after the first day of the term is used, the plan change will not be effective until the following term (spring 2017). If you forget and realize too late that you haven’t backdated the Effective Date, please email srhelp@umn.edu with the details, and we can correct it for you.