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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Updates regarding ARFs

The Provisioning and Access Request (PAR) group continues to work on new ServiceNow catalog request items to make the process of submitting Access Request Forms (ARFs) easier. The request items replace the need to attach a PDF to an ARF. Visit OIT’s Enterprise Access Requests self-help page to view the forms that are currently supported.

Recent forms to note are CS Student Systems and Data (CS PeopleSoft), which is used to request access following the completion of student data inquiry training, student data update training, etc., and Change of Employment (COES). COES is used to report when one of your employees has a change, such as termination of employment, which affects their access.

Delete unwanted ECAS proposals

ECAS currently has over 700 unsubmitted course proposals at the departmental level. This number suggests that editors may have created some proposals inadvertently, due to ECAS auto-save functionality, without having the intention to complete and submit them. (As a reminder, once an editor clicks Submit/Continue on the ECAS Course Set Up page, a proposal row is immediately created.)

To all ECAS editors, please review your department’s current list of ECAS proposals and delete any proposals that are not needed. You can find your list of proposals by clicking on the departmental link, under the approvals section in ECAS.

Changes to UM Manage Wait List Position

Effective January 29, 2017, the following improvements were made to the UM Manage Wait List Position page:
  • Search results only display classes with students on the wait list.
  • Search results display a Wait List Total number column.

  • The UM Manage Wait List Positions page displays the enrollment capacity and enrollment total in the Class Info area.

Gain efficiency by setting up a blank filter in Astra

In the course of using Astra, sometimes as a scheduler you have to apply many filter criteria to your Events list or Academic Section list. It can take a lot of clicks to remove each criterion later, when they are no longer needed.

To gain efficiency, you can quickly remove your existing filter criteria by setting up and saving a “blank” filter. To set one up, simply delete all existing criteria, click search, and then click the save button. Next time you want to remove all existing criteria just select your “blank” filter and click search.