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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Auto-enroll ending reminders

The auto-enroll from waitlist process is run daily through the first day of classes. The list run of this process for the Twin Cities campus fall 2017 regular session will be late in the evening of September 5. Staff from other system campuses may check with their Office of the Registrar to confirm auto-enroll end dates for their campus.

Following the last run, those classes which still have wait lists will typically have an Enrollment Status of “Closed”. A common question is, how do you fill any seats that may subsequently open due to enrolled students dropping the class? You have two options to consider.

Option 1:
Give students a permission number to override a closed class using the Closed Class checkbox on the Class Permissions page. This option allows you to give priority to wait-listed students, when appropriate. To assist in determining which students to provide permission, the waitlist will be available for your reference until the end of drop/add period.

Option 2:
On the Enrollment Control tab, uncheck the Auto Enroll from Wait List checkbox, which changes the Enrollment Status to “Open” and allows any student to register for the remaining seat(s). This option will bypass any students remaining on the waitlist.

Each department can decide which option is best for their situation.

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